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Migration Design

OpenVMS MigrationCapability beyond its years

OpenVMS (originally VAX/VMS) is one of the richest operating systems ever built. Many say it was ahead of its time delivering capabilities still unavailable in some operating systems today.

There is far more to focus on than the application code base. Applications need to run on a supported hardware and operating system platform that can evolve with the business for the future.

Migration DesignThe devil is in the detail

Migrating OpenVMS systems requires a thorough understanding of how the whole system, infrastructure and applications behave. Critical aspects of the design for any new system architecture include:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Data replication
  • Multi-site operation
  • Network connectivity
  • Databases
  • Expansion and change
  • Operational manageability

We work with you to identify and map out the most appropriate technical solution and overall architecture for your business needs.

Typical system-wide issues that need to be considered

  • Availability: multi-site operation, disaster tolerance, disaster recovery
  • Performance: bandwidth, latency, peak loads, IO rates
  • Multiprocessing requirements: parallelism and scalability
  • Storage subsystems: fibre channel SAN fabrics, storage array capabilities, peak IO write rates
  • Data replication, archive and backup
  • Network interconnects: Protocols, VLANs, NIC teaming
  • Separation of production, test and development environments
  • Test procedures, test data feeds, results comparison
  • Transition with minimal disruption
  • Legacy requirements