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Migration design

OpenVMS migrationThe devil is in the detail

Migrating OpenVMS systems requires a thorough understanding of how the whole system, infrastructure and applications behave. Critical aspects of the design for any new system architecture include:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Data integrity
  • Multi-site operation
  • Network connectivity
  • Data replication
  • Scalability
  • Maintainability
  • Monitoring and alerting

We work with you to identify and map out the most appropriate technical solution and overall architecture for your business needs.

Typical system-wide issues that need to be considered

  • Availability: multi-site operation, disaster tolerance, disaster recovery
  • Performance: bandwidth, latency, peak loads, IO write and read rates
  • Security: data at rest, data in transit, access control and authentication, intrusion detection
  • Multiprocessing requirements: parallelism, scalability, NUMA
  • Storage subsystems: fibre channel SAN fabrics, storage array capabilities, peak IO write rates
  • Data replication, shadowing, archive and backup
  • Data retention and historic data migration
  • Network connectivity: cluster interconnects, protocols, VLANs, NIC teaming, address allocation
  • Separation of production, test and development environments
  • Test procedures, test data sets, realistic scenarios
  • Transition into service with minimal disruption
  • Operational procedures, monitoring, house-keeping, training