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Cornerstone - the G4 Platform

OpenVMS Migration ToolsThe Cornerstone G4 Platform

We recognise planning and methodologies alone will not create a successful migration.

We have researched the market, on your behalf, and found what we believe to be the best in class migration tools available today: the G4 platform from Cornerstone.

Cornerstone has joined openvmsmigration.com to provide access to their tools for all our migration customers and their projects.

Cornerstone G4 PlatformEnables "any to any" conversion

We use the world class Cornerstone G4 Platform for highly sophisticated code analysis and conversion to provide:

  • Code analysis to examine the code structure.
  • Code transformation to re-structure the layout and make consistent rule-based changes.
  • Code language conversion for automated conversion.
  • Data schema transformation to manage with data migration.

Source code testing verifies the conversion rules and grammar definitions allowing applications to be rapidly migrated. It enables error free automated solutions for reducing, reusing and recycling applications.

Cornerstone G4 PlatformBenefits

  • Automated solutions for conversion, migration, modernisation, and replatforming of legacy applications.
  • Continued operation of strategic legacy systems by using advanced automated conversion, transformation and modernisation solutions.
  • Long term cost savings and benefits leading to improved IT management.