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Our Approach to OpenVMS Migration

OpenVMSmigration.comThe holistic approach

Migrations can be notoriously difficult to manage. This is why we use a holistic approach.

We believe it is the most reliable method for ensuring that business goals can be met by the applications and supporting IT systems infrastructure.

Our holistic approach covers:

  • Business requirements
  • Business risk
  • Business continuity
  • Constraints
  • Technical risk
  • Technical complexity
  • Resources
  • Timescales
  • Costs

OpenVMSmigration.comPutting you in control

The end result is a clear statement of the business model and an appropriate technical infrastructure that aims to give good service for many years.

Costs, specification and the project programme are refined at each stage of the project and will be aligned to the organisation’s control processes.

OpenVMSmigration.comYour six steps to success

Using the extensive experiences of the OpenVMSmigration.com team we have developed a straightforward six stage plan aimed at delivering you success on time, in budget.

Stage 1 - Project scoping study

Stage 2 – Structured technical study

Stage 3 - Develop solution

Stage 4 - Conversion and detailed design

Stage 5 – Implementation

Stage 6 - Deployment