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World class tools, technologists and project management

XDelta is leading a consortium of best in class specialist organisations to offer you the range of skills and tools needed to solve the inherent challenges of migrating OpenVMS systems.

We bring project direction, strategic planning, and world class technical leadership to all our work. In 2009 Gartner identified XDelta as one of few companies world-wide capable of OpenVMS migration projects.

OpenVMS migrationThe start of a new era

The OpenVMS era as we have known it is coming to an end. VMS Software Inc. have released new versions of OpenVMS (V8.4-1H1 and V8.4-2).

Their roadmap lays out the future, including support for other platforms.

The challenge now facing businesses is to move to a new platform seamlessly whilst retaining all the significant value invested in applications.

We see this as a significant opportunity for your organisation to:

  • Plan for the future
  • Engineer your latest business requirements into your applications
  • Embrace latest technologies
  • Create a new baseline of excellence to take the organisation forward

Implemented correctly this will deliver a smooth transition to the next hardware generation.

2020 visionFour critical years to migrate

The headline date is 2020 when standard support from HP ends for Integrity V8.4.

This is not a long time away for a large system migration.

Now is the time to commence project planning and we have created a service to help you to study, plan and implement the migration.

Project management is keyOur senior team will steer the project to its planned conclusion

We always set clear project objectives matched to business strategy & tasks are properly briefed and resourced using the right combination of technical, analytical & planning skills. Stage controls are implemented to manage cost, quality, resource and progress.